September 11, 2019

How To Disable Avast Antivirus

However we know that disabling the antivirus is not a good choice. But sometimes in certain condition, it become necessary to disable. There are three different modes in which we can disable Avast antivirus. By using avast features we can temporarily as well as permanently disable the antivirus.

1- How to temporarily disable Avast – Specific shield-

Avast offers a special feature to disable its selective shield. User can disable a single or multiple shields as per their choice.

Step-1: Open the primary interface of avast.

Go to” Protection” -> Core shield

Go to “Settings” -> Components

Now you will see all avast shields “File system, behavior, Mail and Web shields”.

Choose any one you want to disable, click on the switcher, on switching off there will be four options appear to stop the shield, 1) 10 min, 2) 1 hr., 3) until restart, 4) permanently.

Select for the time period you want to stop the shield and click on it.

Step-2 After the shield being disable the switch change to off and the main window turn yellow with message “File shield is now off”. If you want to turn on shield again click on green “turn on” button. After turning on main window turn green and the message “you are protected now” will display.

2- How to disable Avast mac security permanently-

To disable all shield of avast antivirus there are two methods

a) Disable Avast from Windows system tray

To know how to disable Avast from startup windows system tray fallow these steps:

  • Click on the Avast icon on system tray.
  • Click on “avast shield control”.
  • Select “Disable avast permanently”.
  • Confirm the decision when asked.

b) Disable Avast from settings

To know how to disable Avast from settings tray fallow these steps:

  • Open avast main window Either by double click on avast icon on desktop or from avast icon on system tray).
  • Open “settings”.
  • Click on “component” tab.
  • Choose which shield to be disable and for how long.
  • Click on every shield to disable permanently.

3) Uninstall Avast completely:

  • Go to the “control panel”  –>  “Program & features”  –>  Avast antivirus from startup menu.
  • Click on avast antivirus then click on “uninstall” option which is highlighted on top bar.
  • Confirm uninstall process .
  • Wait till uninstall process end and restart the computer.

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