September 11, 2019

How To Uninstall Norton Security

Norton antivirus is one of the best virus protection tool in present market. As we know in current time antivirus is very important in every PC for protection from virus and avoid theft of personal & financial data. Antivirus is also a set of certain programs and like any other program, antivirus may also suffer some issues. mostly problems resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling antivirus, so that it important to know how to uninstall Norton. Some time pc becomes very slow after installing antivirus. After installation of antivirus, it is loaded into computer memory. It will be loaded into computer memory of computers every time computer boots. But this loading of antivirus in pc memory is very important it protects pc from all kinds of malicious programs.

If antivirus loaded itself into memory of PC, it will consume memory of PC. if your computer is comparative low in memory then it will slow down remarkably.

If the PC has high memory still it is suffering with slow down problem then we have to find the root cause of the problem. Check for the antivirus how often scanning the system before thinking How to uninstall Norton security. If the scanning occurs in very short interval then it may be the reason for PC slowdown.

How to uninstall Norton internet security:

When antivirus performance becomes sluggish and it makes system crawl. then it is become necessary to uninstall and reinstall antivirus.

Step 1. Go to control panel and open it.

Step 2. On opening control panel there will be multiple options, click on programs and feature.

Step 3. On clicking programs and features there will be list of installed program will be shown.

Step 4. Look for the Norton internet security and select.

Step 5. on selecting Norton internet security, on top uninstall option will appear.

Step 6. Click on uninstall button and uninstalling of the antivirus is start.

Step 7. After completion of uninstalling reboot the system.

After knowing how to uninstall Norton security now we have to reinstall Norton antivirus. To install Norton antivirus we have fallow these steps.

Step 1. Download the Norton Remove and reinstall tool.

Step 2. Open the download window by ctrl+J key.

Step 3. Double click the NRnr icon.

Step 4. Read the license agreement and click Agree.

Step 5. Click on Remove & Reinstall.

Step 6. Click continue

Step 7. After completion installation, Restart.

This is the same way how to uninstall Norton on MAC After reinstalling few exercises should be regularly performed to keep pc safe from malicious agents and malware.

1- Regular frequent update:

Antivirus should keep updating regularly because there are new malicious codes are generated frequently in the network therefore updated antivirus is kept its database updated and detect antivirus before it can harm PC.

2- Removing malicious code :

If somehow a malicious code entered into your PC. Due to update is not done. Then you should complete scan PC system, after updating the antivirus. Updated antivirus will search malicious code and infected files and take proper action to protect our PC.

These are few precautions by following which we can protect our precious data from different threats. However there are some general precautions should also take, like avoid to insert USB drives into the pc. Some people advice to have two antiviruses it makes your PC super safe but you have to compromise with speed. SO it’s up to you that what you want more.

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