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Blockchain technology is a genius idea created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a system in which a transaction between two parties is visible over a system. The blockchain system has no central authority. It is a truly democratic system in which every transaction is transparent to every member. That’s why it is implemented in cryptocurrency exchange. Financial experts are researching the possibilities of implementation of blockchain technology in other fields also.

How blockchain works:

It’s is a general assumption that blockchain technology is complex to understand. But it’s work on simple principle, just embedding the information of transactions stamped by time. We can derive the principle from the word “blockchain” here “block” can be assumed as a box of digital information and “chain” stands for public database. We can understand the principle of blockchain from the analogy explained below:

1- Suppose a person x buy product 1 from website here “” can be considered as an e-commerce website or cryptocurrency exchange. Block store information of date& time of purchase, amount, and information of seller.

2- Buyer has assigned a digital signature and stored with purchase details in the block. A digital signature can be compared to a username. which is unique but confidential to other users.

3- Each block assigned with a unique code called “hash”. Hash assigns a timestamp to each block to provide a unique identity and make them easy to trace back.

Blockchain wallet Customer Service:

Blockchain wallet is the most famous wallet in the world. Using any digital wallet, users may encounter various issues. Blockchain wallet is no exception to this. Common issues which are faced by customers are creating bitcoin account, sending or receiving fund. If someone faces this kind of issue they need blockchain wallet support phone number.

If you trade in cryptocurrency then blockchain wallet is necessary for you. Blockchain is the heart of cryptocurrency trade. With blockchain, you can monitor your cryptocurrency position and predict any fluctuation is about to come.

FAQ to blockchain customer support:

Benefits of blockchain wallet:

Blockchain wallet has many user-friendly features that’s why it is so much popular across the world. The main benefits of using blockchain wallet are fallowing:

=⫸ User-friendly interface- blockchain wallet is easy to navigate, the design and look n feel is user-friendly.

=⫸ Open-source wallet – blockchain wallet support Open source, it means doesn’t restrict its user to trade any particular currency. User has freedom to trade in any currency which is convenient for them.

=⫸ Zero cost- Blockchain wallet doesn’t charge a penny from their users. There is no cost involved in registration or trading or any other commission. blockchain wallet bitcoin cash support

=⫸ Excellent customer support- Blockchain wallet customer support is easy to connect and user-friendly. blockchain wallet bitcoin cash customer support provide excellent support.

=⫸ Wallet App is excellent- blockchain wallet provides good user experience and easy to use. App is available for iOS and android both.

=⫸ User data remain intact- blockchain wallet does not store data while using web or app. blockchain wallet cookies policy doesn’t allow to breach user privacy and disallow any attempt to steal user personal data.

=⫸ Worldwide community- Since blockchain wallet is popular worldwide, therefore, its users can take leverage on their large community. If any user faces any problem he can tackle it by asking in community. The way blockchain wallet support their community is incredible

Disadvantage of blockchain wallet:

Every technology has two faces. There are also some negative points of blockchain wallet-

=> Beware of scammers- It’s come to knowledge that some scammers are misusing the name of blockchain wallet and stealing people’s money. You must aware of such frauds, always contact official website and official contact. Don’t share your banking information.

=> Account sign-in issue- Sometimes users experience difficulty in login, mostly temporary issues.

=> Lengthy Verification process- blockchain wallet user verification takes 7-10 business days for verification after uploading documents.

=> Compatibility issue with browsers- blockchain wallet website cookies policy gives a hard time incompatibility with some browser.