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AOL also known as America online is the one the biggest giant of internet services in mid ’90s. Today AOL is a popular email service which also operates in various media field like news, entertainment, finance, and lifestyle. AOL was a leading dial-up provider company in America in their early days. AOL dial-up service declined rapidly after 2009 due to rise of broadband. But AOL mail service still at the top in America.

AOL born in 1983 as short-lived venture named control video corporation (CVC). Which was founded by William von Meister? It’s very first product was an online service “Game line” dedicated to Atari 2600 video game console. In 1985 company was in financial crisis at this moment  William von Meister left the company. Later in 1985 manufacturing consultant Jim Kimsey founded a new company  Quantum computer service. Jim Kimsey become CEO of Quantum computer service. Quantum computer service developed software for commodore and macintosh. Later in 1989 Quantum computer service is known as AOL. From the beginning AOL has a expertise in online games.

AOL Email customer service:

AOL is the most popular free of cost Email service provider of America. According to Washington post in 2014 AOL has total 4.5 million account in which 2.3 million accounts were active. TO support such a huge customer base AOL developed its customer service which can contacted by phone. AOL email toll-free/1800 number phone number is toll-free and easy to connect. AOL executives patiently listen and understand your issue and resolve your problem. AOL customer service prompt and responsive. You can contact AOL email support by phone or by live chat.

How to contact AOL Email customer service:

1. Go to the AOL official website
2. Scroll down to the bottom.
3. Click on “help” option.
4. You will be redirected to a new page.
5. Here you can choose between mail, live AOL support, whole-home tech support. 
6. Click on “whole home tech support” to get AOL help desk number.

There are three medium to contact with AOL helpdesk.

1- Send Email to AOL customer service:

Go to the AOL official website
Scroll down to the bottom.
Click on the help option.
A new page will open. Click on mail.

2- Live chat with AOL help desk

Go to the AOL official website
Scroll down to bottom.
click on help option.
Click on live AOL support option on redirected page.

3-Call customer service

Go to the AOL official website
Scroll down to bottom.
click on help option.
Click whole home tech support option on redirected page to contact  AOL customer service number.

AOL email support team can be contacted any time 24×7.AOL customer service is always available for your queries and different issues. AOL contact number is toll-free and always available. All you have to do is to visit the AOL official website and get a customer support number from there. You can also contact by mail and chat support system to resolve your query and issues. All of these services are free of cost. Currently, the AOL email service is competing with yahoo and Gmail. AOL has designed their Email system is more user-friendly instead of this user if the user still faces any issue regarding setup or operation of Email service then they can seek support from  AOL Email customer service. it has three interfaces Email support, Chat support, Customer service toll-free number. All of these services free of cost so that AOL subscribers never hesitate to contact support in any case of inconvenience.

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