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In modern age, antivirus is much important for our pc and network as medicines for our body. Avast antivirus protects our pc from viruses, spyware, malware and provides firewall for network protection. Now we keep all the personal and important data in pc, therefore, our pc is much prone to threat of virus and spyware. In such case, someone with unethical intentions can steal our data and misuse it. Avast antivirus detects the threat of virus attack or unauthorized access on network. It detects virus in early stage of activation or before it infects any data in pc. and take appropriate action and protect our data from external threats. On taking a look over Avast antivirus review, we can say that customers using Avast antivirus is very satisfied with its performance. Customer satisfaction depends upon the performance of product and resolving their problems by customer service.

Avast antivirus features

1-Heuristic-based detection

Avast antivirus utilizes a calculation to recognize virus attack which thinks about the marks of known virus attacks against potential risk. Heuristic-based recognition can likewise identify virus attacks that are not in its calculation list. It can identify virus attacks that are not found at this point.

2-Signature-based or virus dictionary detection

Avast antivirus has virus definition database. This database groups a large number of known virus marks. Mark based identification is a demonstrated technique to verify your pc by the cancellation of past known infections without making a bogus admonition.

3-Behavior-based detection

The antivirus analyze behavior of a program if its behavior is strange which are fallowing

  • Alter settings of other programs
  • Changing or deleting existing files
  • spying keystrokes
  • Remotely connecting to computers.

4-Sandbox detection

In this method, antivirus runs a suspicious program under controlled scenario so that it can’t affect other system files and if its behavior found suspicious delete it.

5-Cloud antivirus detection

Cloud antivirus location on the PC that gathers data, which is then transferred to, and handled by, a server in the cloud. By running all detection on the server, your PC is saved extra preparing. Cloud antivirus requires an Internet connection.

6-Full system scan

In full system, scan antivirus runs a diagnosis on each file of the pc. if find anything suspicious file either delete it or quarantine it.

Avast Antivirus general Issues resolved by customer support:

  • Installation issue on Windows or MAC.
  • Choice of Avast antivirus according to need
  • How to cancel current running subscription
  • How to disable, turn off or uninstall Avast antivirus.
  • License key is not working.
  • How to upgrade current pack of Avast antivirus.

Avast Antivirus review 2019

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