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Cash App Customer Service
Cash App Contact
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, United States
FoundedFebruary 2009
Square Cash App Phone Number1-855-351-2274
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Square cash App is a peer to peer mobile payment service which is formerly known as square cash. cash App is a user-friendly payment method. Now cash App is lies among top payment transfer services with 7 million customers. Cash App has become efficient replacement of cash. Square Cash App review is satisfactory among its users. Cash App users send money to receivers just by using $cashtag. $cashtag is a unique username assigned to a cash App user. In order to send money, cash app user just has to type cash tag of the other user to whom money is to send and then type the amount and just like that money is sent to the receiver. cash App services are free of cost for personal transactions and charges a little amount for business transactions.

Although cash App transaction is smooth and quick no one can deny that there is some issue arises in some cases related to transaction. Most of it happens due to server outage. Whatever the reason behind transaction failure, Cash App Customer Service is always there to provide a solution to you.

3 Ways to contact cash app Customer Support

Cash App is a mobile app-based fund transfer service. There is number of transaction made every single day through cash App. It is quite obvious that that to sustain quality service and customer satisfaction cash App provides exceptionally responsive customer support service. It is very easy to contact cash App customer service by given interface.

Contacting through cash app

Step 1- In order to know how to contact cash App customer service, First of all, you have to open cash App on your mobile, tap on the profile icon on the top left corner of the screen, It will lead you to the menu option under which you will find menu option. Tap on menu and go to the option cash support.

Step 2- Select “cash support” at the bottom of the screen. scroll down to find the option “cash support” at the very bottom of the screen. Tap on this option and access the “cash support menu’.

Step 3– Tap on “cash support menu” and go to the related issue which you are facing, if your issue is not present to select “something else”.

Step 4-Under ” something else” option select the issue which describes your problem. Apart from this at the bottom of the screen, you will see an option “contact support”. This option enables you to be contacted within 24 hours by mail by call or by email. To use this option you have to send the mail to support.

Step 5- Your contact information should be correct so that support team can contact you. After checking your contact details now explain the issue you are having. Press continue and you will receive a confirmation notice.

Contacting through Cash App Customer Service website

To know how to contact cash App through website you must go through below steps

Step 1- Go to the URL on your browser, here you will find frequently asked questions. You may be lucky to find your answer if don’t then click on something else.

Step 2- Click on “contact support” to contact cash App support team, and you will receive a form in that you can fill your issue to notify the support team.

Step 3- Cash App will ask you to provide your login details. Then you will receive a confirmation code via email or SMS. by using this code you can log in. After logging in you will see a page “something else” which contains a list of issues.

Step 4- Under ” something else” option select the issue which describes your problem. Apart from this at the bottom of the screen, you will see an option “contact support”. This option enables you to be contacted within 24 hours by mail by call or by email. To use this option you have to send the mail to support.

Step 5- After confirming your contact details now explain the issue you are having. Press “Continue” and you will receive a confirmation notice.

Contact through calling to cash App:

Cash App provided one number 1 888 328 3213 on which you can get a solution to your problem. It is an automated responsive number on which you can find the solution of the problem by following step by step instructions of interactive voice response systems. if you don’t find your solution by this method then you may wonder how to call cash App 1 888 328 3213 to get a solution to my problem. Well, there is another way also, You can speak to a member of cash App customer support team by request contact through the App or on cash App website.

Why use cash App:


Easy to use, $cashtag is all you need to transfer the money.

Other benefits like discount and deals on using cash app card.

Cashcard can be used as ATM to withdraw cash. Buy and sell bitcoin.

CashApp phone support is easy to connect and provides legit solution of issue

Square Cash App customer service is prompt and efficient.


Can’t do international payments.

Transaction limit.


Q-How to Add money in cash App

A- To add money in cash App follow below steps

  • first of all you have to download cash App from google play store or Itunes store.
  • After downloading and installing the app open the cash App.
  • Type your email address and phone number when asked then tap next.
  • A 6 digit confirmation code will be sent on the email and phone, Type the confirmation code in corresponding box.
  • Type the debit card no. and tap next.
  • Create a cash tag name.
  • Contact cashapp customer support if any issue arises.

Q- How to send money using Cash App?

A- To send money from Cash App follow below steps.

  • Open cash App and type dollar amount.
  • Tap pay button
  • Select or type the name of the recipient.
  • Tap on the play button on the top right corner.
  • confirm pin or touch ID.
  • Tap pay on the lower right corner to confirm the transaction.
  • Take the help of cash app customer care if any confusion.

Q-How to Cash-out amount from cash App?

A- fallow below steps

  • Open cash App
  • Tap on the button which says “cash & BTC” or shows amount of dollar you have in your account.
  • Select the amount you want to cash out.
  • Tap cash out at the bottom
  • Select standard or instant. Standard takes 1-3 days but it is free. Instant transfer is done instantly but takes 1% transaction charge.
  • Select your bank from given list
  • Log in to your bank account. and tap on the account in which you want to deposit?
  • Tap done and you will be returned to home page.

Q-Can I use cash card to withdraw money from ATM?

A- Yes, after linking cash card to your cash app you can withdraw money from ATM

Q-How to merge two cash App account?

A- If you accidentally created two accounts you can merge them but you should cash out before merging them. Follow these steps to merge.

  • Tap on the “profile” icon
  • Tap on the “personal” here you can manage email and phone numbers.
  • Tap email and phone number you prefer to remove.
  • If you are unable to merge accounts by this method, contact cash App toll-free number.

Q- How to pay with iMessage?

A- To pay with iMessage you will need iPhone with updated ios. To pay with iOS follow these steps-

  • open iMessage.
  • Tap the cash App icon displaying apps above the keypad.
  • Enter the amount then tap pay.
  • Add message/card for the recipient and send the money

Cash App Customer Service

You can contact cash customer service by email or by phone. When you Cash App customer service, the executives provide you a standard solution to your query that mostly resolves the problem. You can also call the toll free cash App customer service phone to get personalized and specific solutions to resolve your issue.

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4 thoughts on “Cash App Customer Service

  1. I am a new user to cashApp. last week i was trying to send money to my brother by cash App. I fallowed the steps as directed and money was deducted from my account but didn’t received by my brother. I called cash App customer service they told me money will be returned to my account within 48 hours. Then I send money again to my brother and the money deducted earlier has returned to my cash app account after few hours.

  2. I recently received my cash card . I had some money in my cash App account which sent by my tenants. I needed cash so I went to ATM to withdraw and make withdrawal of 1000$ . My apartment needed some plumbing and flooring maintenance work so money got spent in couple of days. So I needed more money but when i tried to withdrawal from ATM by using cash card, transaction declined. when I contacted to cash App customer service they told that I had hit the maximum weekly limit of withdrawal.

  3. I had a old account with my old phone number i no longer have that phone number. i need to merge the old account to the new account. I have submitted the request and its been over 24 hours with no response. i need the funds transferred too.

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