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We are living in an era of information. So that we are dependent on information technology and devices. Today the fear of data theft is much bigger than the theft of money. That’s why they need for antivirus is much required than ever. Either intentionally or unintentionally we store our private data on network cloud. Therefore we must more concerned about the security of our private data. Once you lose it, you will be in big trouble.

On the other hand, G data antivirus provides uncompromising security from ransom blackmailers and security breaches. G data antivirus always-on system protection invisibly in the background so that your security won’t be compromised while you surf websites or playing online games with someone in Vietnam. G data antivirus top features are fallowing.

1- Malware detection and removal:– With next-generation technologies, G data antivirus secures you from malware and other security breach threats.

2- Virus cleanup by virtual sandbox technology:- Using sandbox security mechanism G data antivirus diminishes the effect of the virus by stopping it is spreading in multiple running programs.

3-Powerful firewall protection:- A penetration proof firewall is a must for system security. G data antivirus blocks all suspicious programs before entering your system.

4-Identity & personal data protection:– Identity and personal data theft is a common threat is today. G data antivirus protects your data from malicious software and protects your private data.

5- Parental control:- In the modern world, one can’t imagine study without computers. So we need good parental control antivirus so that children can’t encounter with unethical or adult content over the internet.

6- Backup:- After so much protection there is always a chance of virus attack breach system security. To overcome such an unpleasant scenario, G data antivirus creates a backup of your computer’s important files and allow to easily restore if anything bad happened.

7- Unusual behavior detection:– G Data Antivirus detects suspicious behavior of the program. This feature helps to determine that the suspected program is malware or malicious program or not. If so the suspicious program will remove by sandbox technology.

G data antivirus common issues

G data antivirus customer service is 24×7 available to resolve customer’s issues and grievances.

Common G data antivirus issues are fallowing.

  • How to install or uninstall G data antivirus on PC.
  • How to scan PC for viruses, malware or spyware.
  • Removal of malicious programs from PC.
  • Configure professional level security.
  • Upgrade G data antivirus to the latest version.
  • PC optimization and deep memory scan and junk removal.
  • How to fix G data antivirus errors while installation.
  • How to speed up PC while live scan keeps enabling.
  • G data antivirus doesn’t let install some software.
  • How to update G data antivirus to the latest update.

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