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Norton Antivirus is the best product for safety for your PC. It protects your pc from viruses, spywares, malwares and provide a firewall for network protection. In current scenario antivirus is very important because now almost all desktop and Laptop are connected with network. So your machine is so much prone to get exposed to malwares, spywares or ransomware. IF your pc once infected with any of these it will degrade your PC’s performance or your personal data may b stolen. So it is very important to have Norton antivirus in your PC. Before buying antivirus you must keep following factors in your mind. On the other hand, you can call Norton customer service for guidance.

Norton Antivirus features:

1- Heuristic-based detection

Norton antivirus uses an algorithm to detect virus which compares the signatures of known viruses against a potential threat. Heuristic-based detection can also detect viruses that is not in its algorithm list. It can detect viruses that are not discovered yet.

2- Signature-based or virus dictionary detection

Norton antivirus has virus definition database. This database posses thousands of known virus signatures. Signature-based detection is proven method to secure your pc by deletion of past known viruses without creating false warning.

3- Behavior-based detection

The antivirus analyze behavior of a program if its behavior is strange which are fallowing

  • Changing settings of other programs
  • Modifying or deleting existing files
  • Monitoring keystrokes
  • Remotely connecting to computers.

4- Sandbox detection

In the sandbox, detection antivirus create a compatible but controlled environment for a program to run and analyze its behavior. When program appears to behave in destructive manner the antivirus takes proper action before let it run on the PC.

5- Cloud antivirus detection

Cloud antivirus detection client on the computer that collects information, which is then uploaded to, and processed by, a server in the cloud. By running all detection on the server, your computer is spared additional processing. Cloud antivirus requires an Internet connection.

6- Full system scan

In full system, scan antivirus scans all files for the infection from antivirus. Any suspicious file deleted. Infected file first tried to recover if possible otherwise it also deleted for system security. This process may take a few to several hours.

Norton Customer service number

Antivirus can attack your PC anytime. In older days when someone encounters such a problem generally they tend to run towards service centers but today when we have super-fast internet there is no need for such hustle. You can contact norton customer service number for the optimum solution. On the other hand, before purchasing the antivirus you can seek assistance for choosing an accurate protection pack for your PC as per your need.

You can call Norton antivirus customer service to tackle following issues

  • Downloading don’t start
  • Installation and setup issue
  • Unable to scan the system
  • Updating errors
  • Device and compatibility issue
  • License not working
  • Complete features are not working
  • Antivirus installation makes system performance slow
  • Firewall is not working properly

How to contact Norton antivirus customer service

To contact Norton antivirus customer service pls follow below steps.

Step 1. go to the official website of Norton antivirus

Step 2. place curser on support tab on the top menu bar.

Step 3. Click on customer support.

Step 4. Scroll down to bottom after opening of new page and click on contact us.

After opening new page you will find these four options

  • Live chat
  • Social support (to ask on social media platform)
  • Top solutions (Predefined standard problems solution)
  • Phone support

Either you can choose the option to ask the community

You can drop your problem between existing subscribers hopefully you can get solution here.

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Norton Antivirus Reviews
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