Thunderbird Mail Customer Service

Mozilla thunderbird customer service:

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source platform for email desktop application. Thunderbird is a known name in the email client industry. Thunderbird is the second most famous email client application after Microsoft outlook. Thunderbird was launched in 2004. Since then it became a very popular mail service because of its unique and handy features. The reasons behind the quick success of Mozilla Thunderbird email client service is following

  • Brand name Mozilla itself is quite big and Mozilla Firefox browser is a big deal itself. Mozilla Firefox had millions of users itself so that Mozilla’s name was no stranger for people and they trusted the Thunderbird email client service.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird email client service feature is user interactive and provides additional ease to use the application with extra security.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird mail customer service is easy to connect and able to resolve the issues.

Mozilla thunderbird Features:

Thunderbird email client service launched in 2004 and it obtained overwhelming response of users by 500,000 downloads in just 3 days. This is all became possible due to unique features of Mozilla thunderbird.

Account setup wizard: Those who tried to set up an email client desktop application account in past, know that setting up account of email client is such a hassle. The process is really complicated. But with account setup wizard, account setup process became quick and simple.

Multiplatform support: Mozilla thunderbird is a portable tool it supports different operating systems like Macintosh, Windows, and Linux.

Email management: With thunderbird, Email management is quite simple. One can easily create various folders so that user can track emails easily.

One-click Address book: With one click address book user can easily update contact info.

Security and Storage: Mozilla thunderbird provides maximum storage capacity of 4 GB. With 256 bit encryption, it provides maximum security to your data.

Personalized Dashboard theme:  With numerous themes, you can give your dashboard your personalized look.

User privacy: with do not track feature user has completely avoided infringement of their privacy.

Automatic update: Mozilla thunderbird constantly provides updates for the latest version so that your application runs up to date.

Issues frequently asked to Mozilla thunderbird mail customer service:

Mozilla Thunderbird problems sending emails: This problem generally occurs due to sending emails with heavy attachments or destination address may be incorrect.

Mozilla Thunderbird very slow: This problem occurs due to various reasons to resolve in-depth analysis required.

Mozilla Thunderbird won’t download emails: This problem may occur due to antivirus, try to disable antivirus if problem still persists contact thunderbird customer service.

Mozilla Thunderbird not responding, crashing, hanging: These are some various problems that can occur with Thunderbird, but you should be able to fix them by the help of thunderbird mail customer service.

Thunderbird Customer services:

Since Mozilla Thunderbird email client service is very popular, Mozilla Mail Customer service also justifies the counterpart of customer support as well. Though Mozilla Thunderbird email client service is user interactive no one can deny sometimes unusual things happen. So if such cases arise in front then you can contact promptly Thunderbird Mail Customer Support number (833) 744 7900

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