Jaxx Wallet Support

JAXX is a portable wallet that supports seven different cryptocurrencies. JAXX provides easy user-friendly interface, professional design with the additional benefit of compatibility with different platforms like iOS, windows and all type of web applications. JAXX wallet supports 7 different leading cryptocurrencies.

JAXX wallet features:

JAXX wallet has many outstanding features. Some main features are fallowing

Ease of use- JAXX provides user-friendly interface, with its easy to use interface JAXX provides an excellent user experience. Jaxx wallet support XRP, bitcoin, and multiple leading coins.

Portability- JAXX wallet support all operating systems and web browser. So that you can access your wallet on the pc or on your mobile, while you are on the go.

Multi-Currency support- JAXX wallet support multiple coins. JAXX wallet gives you the freedom to trade in seven leading cryptocurrencies of the world. These currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, DAO, Litecoin, REP.

Security- JAXX Liberty leaves the key pair control to you and stays away from the funds i.e. neither holds nor has access to them. This means no matter what your fund remains intact.JAXX customer support: JAXX provides excellent customer service to its customers. JAXX customer service is prompt and 24×7 available.

How to install WAXX WALLET:

To install JAXX wallet in your device follow the below steps-

Step: 1 – Choose an operating system. Download JAXX liberty for the OS you want to be run on.

Step: 2 – You can choose either a desktop version or a chrome extension.

Step: 3 – For desktop version use the installation file and terms and condition window will appear, Accept it.

Step: 4 – Choose between the given option Create a new wallet or pair/restore wallet. Choose to create a new wallet.

Step: 5 – Choose an express option from given express or custom options.

Step: 6 – You can select one of the seven coin wallets you want JAXX to support. You can always change the wallet later on.

Step: 7 – After creating a wallet on the next screen will appear with send and receive buttons for sending and receiving coins.

Drawbacks of JAXX wallet:

There are few drawbacks also

1- There is no additional security layer to secure your funds.
2- JAXX is not recommended for small amounts of trading due to high built-in exchange fees.